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Buy Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Grande Date Full Open Watch 03.2530.4047/78.M2530

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  • Buy Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Grande Date Full Open Watch 03.2530.4047/78.M2530

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    URWERK UR-210S "Full Metal Jacket"
    URWERK's UR-210 is known to watch connoisseurs for its orbital complexity and strong retrograde minutes. Now a young Swiss watch brand has added an "S" version of the UR-210, limited edition of only 35 pieces. This new version of avant-garde watch enthusiasts exclusively for URWERK developed all-metal strap, providing a more beautiful color.
    Retrograde minutes UR-210 satellite complications are very primitive and completely exploded. The main feature is high-tech, large, three-dimensional retrograde minute hand. Its function is to surround the hourly satellite and indicate the time as it traverses a scale of 0 to 60 minutes. This one-hour journey dates back to a 120 ° arc, smooth and flowing. But by the end of the 59th minute, the true nature of the work came to urwerk replica watches
    Then a clear "click" indicates that the minute hand is back to the starting point. In less than 0.1 seconds, the hand flew back to the satellite for the next hour. This high-speed retrograde system is based on three key elements:
    • Central axes set with ruby ​​bearings provide excellent stability for satellite / retrograde complication. A cylindrical, marine chronometric spring moves vertically about the axis and produces the optimal tension required for retrograde minute retrace.
    • For a minute, this also forms the framework for an hourly satellite that shows time in an extraordinary way. Grinding from aluminum to a tight tolerance of about 3 microns, the entire structure weighs only 0.302g and is balanced by the brass weight. This three-dimensional cage provides rigidity because it transmits energy from the cylindrical fly-back spring in the center of the top of the carrousel to the underlying replica watches for sale
    • Two-axis coaxial star cam adjusts the retrograde mechanism through the transmission, the rotation of which defines the path of the minute hand. When the minute hand reaches 60, Double Star jumps under the agency to one of three (three) hockey springs to liberate the next hour's satellite at 0 minutes.
    The dial of the UR-210S has a conventional power reserve indicator at one o'clock. In the near mirror at 11 o'clock, we found a similar sign. No, this is not a repetitive failure protection but an even more important factor that deserves our full attention because it is actually the world's first complication, signaling the winding efficiency of the past two hours.

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    Movement of the rotor will be the slightest movement of the wrist into energy storage. In this configuration, the turbine connected to the rotor provides smooth, smooth power. However, if you are more active, you may provide more power than you need and wear out mechanisms unnecessarily. In this case, you need to set the winding efficiency selector to "decrease" to engage the rotor damping system.
    Air turbine compressors mounted on ruby ​​bearings rotate and generate internal resistance - enough friction to slow or inhibit automatic winding of the rotor. In the "stop" mode, the self-winding system completely fails, and the UR-210 may need to be manually wound after it is powered off.
    technical details
    Model: UR-210S "Full Metal Case"

    Material: titanium steel case
    Size: Width 43.8mm, length 53.6mm, thickness 17.8mm
    Glasses: Sapphire crystal mirror
    Waterproof: 30m / 100 '/ 3ATM
    Surface treatment

    Movement UR- 7.10
    Gems: 51
    Escapement: Swiss leverage
    Balance: single metal
    Frequency: 28,800v / hour, 4Hz
    Gossamer: flat
    Power: Single barrel
    Power Reserve: 39 hours
    Winding system: Self-winding coupled to the turbine

    ARCAP P40 rhodium plated plate; 3D minute hand with aluminum and brass weights; spring steel central cylindrical spiral; hour satellite aluminum; center carrubin and titanium Class 5 screws

    Surface treatment
    Round matte, sandblasted, round and straight satin polishing pad; satin polished and diamond polished satellite; bevel and polished screw head

    Patented rotary satellite complication with roving time and 3D retrograde minute hand; Power reserve indicator; Patented winding efficiency indicator
    Super-LumiNova marks, dials, hands, hands and satellites

    Double-position winding crown with crown protector
    Back: Winding efficiency options

    Satin finish; bead bracelet developed by URSPERK Maspoli with unbuttoned clasp

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    URWERK UR-110PTH Limited Edition
    URWERK now offers the UR-110 Black Platinum Bezel Limited Edition after the platinum bezel UR-110 PT model. The UR-110PTH is a contrasting timepiece: precise black-red. UR-110PTH enhanced black bezel, after sandblasting, showing a stunning matte effect, emitting a strong personality. URWERK is the 2006 black pioneer of the UR-103 Blackbird. Due to the metal's natural gloss camouflage, only the weight of the UR-110PTH deviates from the presence of platinum.
    technical details
    Case 5 titanium
    Baffle: 950 black platinum
    20 pieces of limit
    Two crown with integrated crown protection
    10M / 30 '/ 3ATM: Water resistance

    Caliber: UR 9.01 mechanical, automatic winding
    Balance: single metal
    Frequency: 28,800 vph, 4Hz
    Gems: 46
    Balance spring: flat
    Power: single tube
    Power reserve: 39 hours
    Winding system: a one-way winding rotor regulated by two turbines

    Rotating Hours / Minute Modules Satellite-mounted planetary gears are complicated. Control panel: "Day / Night" light; "Oil change" to remind service intervals and small seconds.

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